Language Advising


In 2010, our language advising sessions which are first in Turkey, took their place in the world literature as Language Advising as a result of research at Hull University in England in 2000s and Kanda University in Japan in 2003.

The main goal is to make the student be able to fish on his own with Language Advising (Language Coaching) Sessions, one of the Humanist Education Approaches. It is aimed to make students reach the level of Autonomous Learning and become learners who can control their own learning processes. Language Advisors accompany learners' journeys with their coaching capabilities.

The following are the areas studied in this logic: 

1. Conducting a needs analysis session with the student 

2. Psychological factors (anxiety, perfectionism, worthlessness, test stress etc.) that affect the student's language education

3. Raising the awareness of the student in terms of learning strategies and intelligence type

4. Coaching service while preparing for the exams such as Toefl, Ielts and Proficiency 

5. Raising awareness and transformation studies at points that will enable student to control his learning

6. Activities to increase motivation and activities to provide internal motivation 

7. Guidance about the resources to be used in English learning 

8.Ensuring that promises can be made on the inner journey and reshaping or changing promises and following them

Doğuş Aydın who received Student  Coaching education in 2014 and Teacher Trainer Trainings by Pilgrims, one of the UK's Reputable Institutions and who does the first Doctorate in this field in Turkey is one of the best in his field. In January, he will also start Teacher Trainings to raise Language Advisors with the education he received in Japan.

With approximately 250 hours of Session Experience, Please Contact To Get Information About Student Coaching Trainings In Order To Benefit From These Sessions That Are More Economical, Internalizing, Increasing Internal Motivation And Eliminating The Psychological Factors While Learning A Language.


Doğuş Aydın
Thursday, November 28, 2019