Teaching Methodology


As Socrates said; "Knowing something is possible by telling it." We built our system based on his words.


Our English Foreign Language Education Program starts with the student using all the information learned.Our students do not just keep a complex of information in their brains, they use it all the time.After breaking the chains in the brain, which is the most important aspect of this process, together with our Language Coaches and Psychological Counselors, we put the English knowledge into our student's brain without making our student aware of it.In the process, our students realize that they can write and speak.

The most important thing for our Language Coaches is to make our students learn the language in all aspects.That’s why our students learn by speaking, writing, reading and listening. Thus, at the end of their English education, students will be able to speak, write, and understand what they listen and read.

The guaranteed language teaching secret of Doğuş Aydın Language Coaching to institutions and individuals is reserved in the following teaching elements.


English Into Each Second 

During the education, the student is supplied extracurricular activities and it is ensured to be compatible with English during the education period.

Associative English

Due to the abundance of visual materials used throughout the education, the student does not make transitions from language to language by creating designs on the things he sees in his brain and opens the door to English thinking.


S.O.S System

Grammar is a problem for every student. Even if they know it, they cannot reflect it in their speech. Because they learn Grammar. However, our system provides the unconscious use of grammar by transferring Grammar information to the lower lobes of the brain. In this way, conversations that are not pleasant to our ears have the meaning that we are doing wrong. An integrated foreign language education system is formed by transferring grammar knowledge to reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


The Process that Makes You Speak

The student speaks English throughout the training. This is the process that goes from the ability to say 1 sentence in 40 seconds to the process of being able to say at the native language level in 5 seconds. The important point is that the student can speak that language at the beginning and at the end of the education.

Special Education According to Your Learning Style

Your learning style is determined by intelligence types and psychological tests that Doğuş Aydın applies to student candidates and then your English Education is planned according to your learning style.

Regular Check-Up System
With the SAS (Student Assessment System), our students are given monthly reports showing their current status in terms of their English usage, that are Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking, Vocabulary and Grammar.


Language Acquisition System
We don’t teach English. We make you acquire the language. We ensure that you acquire the language, not your learning, by passing through the Language Acquisition process without learning Grammar knowledge and the exact Turkish equivalents of words.


Daily Wording System
While learning English with Doğuş Aydın, all the words you learn in class are noted on Special Daily Wording papers and they remain in your file throughout the training process.

How Does The Process Take Place?

First of all, the chains in the brain are broken. Unfortunately, the mistakes in our education system, which we have seen throughout our school lives, caused many of the students to develop a False Learning Style. For this reason, our language coaches work in partnership with psychological counselors to break the prejudices of the students in education.

Secondly, the process of learning English is concretized. The special file of the student is created and includes the writings and books that the student has read from the first to the last day of the education.In addition, our program director makes Video Recording with the student on the first day of training then repeats this process in the following time and shows the progress of the student and the student can both control himself and gain motivation by himself.


Thirdly, the most important part of the job, that is, learning begins. Education continues with a system supported by visual elements.


Doğuş Aydın
Thursday, November 28, 2019