Teacher Training


Doğuş Aydın offers individual or corporate training to teachers located in different regions of Turkey or world with the experience of 30,000 hours of lectures, 500 hours of coaching & language counseling sessions during the teaching process he started in 2006,  the knowledge of scientific theoretical and research methods he gained from undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education in his field, his research in the field and the trainings he received. In addition to these training, since 2019, he has been contributing to the education of future English Teachers in the Department of Foreign Language Education at Istanbul Kültür University as part-time.


University Lectures Conducted

Istanbul Kültür University- Department of Foreign Language Education

Literature and Language Teaching I-II ( Junior )


Trainings He Attended


Kadir Has University-Student Coaching

Coproline - Online Trading Professionalism

Pilgrims-'How To Be A Teacher Trainer in the 21st Century' (How to Become a Teacher Trainer in the 21st Century)

Japan Kanda University- Language Counseling and Language Counselor Trainer Training


Trainings Offered


- Language Advisor Course Program

- Private Language Tutoring Course Program

- "English on the Street" Application and Practical Workshop

- Educational Marketing -Education Methodology


-Teacher Mentoring


The training takes place institutionally with the organization of schools or universities or individually in groups to be formed by Doğuş Aydın in certain periods. Educational content consists of three main topics. 


1. Presentation of training content 


2. Research Methods 


3. Sample Applications 


4. Real Life Applications and In-Class Evaluation 


5. Observation 


6. Feedback 


7.Action Research 


8.Community work in the long-term field (forming social network groups, 



Consultancy Services

-Language Advising (Language Coaching) Program and Self-Access Center Applications


- Preparing a Business and Action Plan for Private Teaching Institution or Schools 


-Special Audit, Feedback and R&D Studies for Classrooms or Schools 


- Integration of English Application on the Street 


-Content Consultancy for Digital Educational Institutions 


-Marketing in Education 


-Company Merger & Business Consulting


Please contact us to send a request for the training above or to send your questions or comments about your different training requests.

Doğuş Aydın
Thursday, November 28, 2019