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Receiving requests for English Private Tutoring or Corporate English Education from several provinces of Turkey and even from abroad, Doğuş Aydın, provides English Trainings by using the Skype program and screen sharing according to the needs of individuals.


In line with today's needs, the Internet has become the biggest communication tool of our world. As a result, many people use internet communication tools to learn English and desire to move the process forward without wasting time such as traffic from their home or office.


As a result of this situation and upon the requests for private lessons from other cities outside Istanbul and even abroad, our Online English Tutoring via Skype service has started. Doğuş Aydın tutors English to individuals one-to-one via the internet, on the day and time specified, with the methods EnglishIntoEachSecond and LifeSpanLearning which are created by himself. Telephone and mail systems, which are other communication tools, are also included in this English Tutoring system. In the tutoring process, the student needs a good computer with a camera and microphone. Since the screen will be shared during the lessons, the part of seeing or listening to what is done works very easily.


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First, a free trial lesson is held.They are informed about the problems they will encounter in learning English and their progress, psychological factors such as intelligence type and anxiety are examined with tests and and the English level of the student is measured with the placement test.Then the needs of the student is determined. Trainings, on the other hand, can be for general English for children or adults, Business English for specific needs, Vocational English trainings or for exam preparations such as TOEFL, IELTS, YDS, YÖKDİL, University Proficiency, BULATS, FCE.


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Doğuş Aydın
Thursday, November 28, 2019