Student Coaching


Doğuş Aydın, who adopted a scientific approach in Student Coaching with the training of 'Learning Consultancy' received from Kanda University of Japan and 'Student Coaching' certificate programs received from Kadir Has University, aims to improve students' ability to solve problems on their own, manage their learning processes and increase their internal motivation.

Suitable for:


 -YGS Preparation


 - LGS Preparation


Since the development of these abilities is very important in the learning journey of all students between the ages of 6-20, it is important to ensure this development.

How does the program progress during the sessions?


-Determining the student's learning strategies, learning style and individual differences (anxiety, intelligence type, etc.) 


-Strategy training to develop learning strategies


-Awareness raising sessions on emotional factors, personal factors and psychological factors

 - Sessions for the development of abilities such as goal development, planning, problem solving 


- Sessions on weekly plans, problems and solutions


Our sessions are terminated on the day when the student believes that he can manage this process without a guide ship, that is,  a coach.This period can vary between 8 sessions and 24 sessions, and it may be preferred to keep the process throughout the year in order to guarantee the process.


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Doğuş Aydın
Friday, September 18, 2020