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By combining the scientific knowledge gained in undergraduate, masters and doctorate education with the English Tutoring, Corporate English Education, Online English Tutoring and Training for English Teachers which are for all ages and needs since 2006, Doğuş Aydın, who has knowledge and experience, aims to raise individuals who can not speak English but use it. In this context, taking the Communicative Approach as the main basis in the trainings, it's switched to different approaches and strategies according to the learning styles, strategies and psychological differences of students. That is, Doğuş Aydın uses the 'Eclectic Method' in English Private Lessons, Corporate English Training and Online English Private Lessons over Skype. For example, Grammar education does not include any direct explanation in a student with analytical intelligence and in an anxious student with perfectionism problems by integrating it completely into speech, while in students with Auditory Intelligence and low ability to produce strategies, sometimes Grammar education is carried out with subconscious methods.

What is Communicative Approach? 

You can find the answer to the question in our System of Education menu. In short, Language Acquisition is aimed rather than teaching something to the student and after the information is presented to the person, such as the language learning logic of a baby, it is aimed to make this information the product of the person by designing subliminal activities for the person to practice with this information. This approach proceeds with the method based on the Skill Acquisition Theory of Robert DeKeyser from the world of science. Doğuş Aydın aims to enable his students to use their grammar and vocabulary knowledge in Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Writing skills in an automatic manner in unplanned speech and writing in all his English Tutoring, Business English Education or Online English Tutoring lessons over Skype.


Supported with English grammar subconscious teaching techniques called S.O.S, speaking, writing, listening and reading are taught in an associative dimension.


From the age of 5 to the age of 60, English is learned with Private English Lessons are given to every age group in a way that is specific to the type of intelligence and the English education program created by Doğuş Aydın.


During the education; Student progress is monitored with SAS (Student Assessment System) and with the Daily Wording System, the words learned at the end of each lesson are recorded. Vocabulary learning is increased with continuous repetitions.

Private English Lessons are offered in the following areas:

General English 


Business English 


English for Kids


Supplementary English Lessons to School



English Speaking Tutoring



Academic Speaking and Writing


Private English Tutoring for Exam Preparation


*Private Tutoring for TOEFL

*Private Tutoring for IELTS 


*Private Tutoring for TOEIC 


*Private Tutoring for PTE 


*Private Tutoring for FCE 


*Private Tutoring for SAT / ACT


*Private Tutoring for Duolingo Exams


*Private Tutoring for TKT and other Cambridge Exams


Private Tutoring for University Proficiency Exam


*Private English Tutoring for proficiency exams of all the other universities and Private English Tutoring for proficiency education

In addition to in-class trainings, "English on the Street" and "Whatsapp Lessons" provide additional activities to the lessons.Apart from this, in terms of Community of Practice, "Peer Advising" activities are also applied so that people can gain speaking practice and accompany each other on their journeys. Language Advising activities are included in the whole education process.

You can also check Dr. Doğuş Aydın's language institute: Dialang Institute. Through this institute, you can also work with different teachers. For more info, please click

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