Doğuş Aydın was born in 1988 in Fatih, Istanbul.Doğuş Aydın, who is married and has two children, spent his primary and secondary education by studying in various schools due to his mother's teaching duties. Lastly, after finishing his education in Çapa Gazi Primary School he graduated from Davutpaşa Foreign Languages High School with the 4th place degree. Then, he being the 702nd in Turkey he won Istanbul University English Language and Literature. He took his first steps into teaching with the Pedagogical formation he received during this period.

Doğuş Aydın, who started teaching English in the 2nd semester of his university life, was promoted to the position of General Coordinator at Royal English College and served as the Founding Partner of English4Life Language Schools, Pera Language Academy, and Dialang Institute. He still continues as a Founding Manager and English Teacher in Dialang Institute. For more information about our course programs, please check our website www.dialang.com.tr

After her teaching experience, which she started in 2006, she created the Doğuş Aydın Language Coaching brand. He gave lectures to approximately 500 students, achieving numerous successes with the brand he created with his own name. After completing his undergraduate education, he successfully completed his master's degree at Sakarya University and his PhD education at Istanbul Aydın University in the field of English Language Teaching. He defended his PhD thesis titled  'How to Create Semi-Independent High School EFL Learners through Group Language Advising?' that carried the first of its kind in Turkey in the area of Language Advising and he conducted his research with students from two high schools in Istanbul. He has also been extensively conducting research and publishing research articles in recognized academic journals and contributed to an international book for English teachers with a chapter on Mindfulness in ELT.

Aydın, who gave private English lessons to his students one-on-one and offered English education to high-level companies in the form of corporate English trainings, made all his students speak English. He gave Corporate English Trainings to many top-level companies in Turkey. In addition, he helped students at many private schools and universities achieve their goals by providing English Tutoring. In addition, as of 2019, he has been giving lectures for the English Teachers of the Future as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages Education at Istanbul Kültür University.

In addition to being an English instructor, by coaching his students with the Student Coaching training he received, he continues to shed light on how a student can learn, by keeping the processes in his life balanced, raising his students' awareness and how he should continue his education life. Doğuş Aydın who completed his Ph.D. wrote the first dissertation in the field of Language Advising in Turkey and he is one of the first teachers to organize sessions in this field.

Apart from these trainings, he organizes Teacher Training Programs for English Teachers in various schools with the 'Trainer Training' he received from a London-based educational institution Pilgrims. He was also trained to be a 'Language Adviser Educator' by Kanda University, Japan and he still works as a teaching assistant to train language advisers all over the world.


Doğuş Aydın
Sunday, September 1, 2019