In-House English Classes


In-House English Classes is a program that is specially prepared for the needs of private or public institutions and employees, at the office or at a place and at any time.The program can be prepared as one-to-one English education in the form of English Private Lessons, or it can be proceed in the logic of Group English Education with the group formed by the institution.


In order to adapt to the working hours of corporate employees; In-house English Training is planned with a program prepared by determining the desired time and day in their own offices / homes or in one of our classrooms.


Apart from Individual English Tutoring training; Group English Education or English Private Lessons are given in groups of 2-10 people, everyone's English level is grouped according to the intelligence type and education level, based on the results obtained after the tests that show psychological and individual differences.


Before the training starts for the employees of the institution, special tests are applied within the "English Education Consultancy Package" to those who will participate in the training. The content of this package includes the Intelligence Type Test, the Psychological Anxiety Inventory, and the Test of Effective Psychological Factors in English Learning.


You can read the 10 Basic Steps in English Learning article published by Doğuş Aydın, who provides the easiest way to learn English. 

The 'Communicative Approach', one of the English Teaching Approaches or Methods created by the scientific world, is taken as the main basis in the training by Doğuş Aydın to improve our society who knows English but cannot use it. At the same time, different approaches are made according to the learning style, strategies and psychological differences of the student. At the same time, there is a switch between different approaches according to the learning style, strategies and psychological differences of the student.

What is the Communicative Approach? You can find the answer to the question in our Education System menu. In short, in this context, Language Acquisition is aimed rather than teaching something to the student, and after the information is presented to the student in the learning logic of an infant, it is aimed to make this information the product of the student by making implicit activities for the student to practice with this information. This approach proceeds with a method based on the Skill Acquisition Theory of Robert DeKeyser from the world of science. Doğuş Aydın aims to integrate grammar and vocabulary knowledge into Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Writing skills in all of the English Private Tutorials, In-House English Education or Online English Private Lessons via Skype, and use it in unplanned speaking and writing automatically.

Doğuş Aydın, the language coach, who is the first person in Turkey who wrote the first Doctoral Dissertation in this field and he aims to turn students into individuals who can learn on their own by using his coaching skills and to enable students to continue their life-long learning English as autonomous students at the end of their In-house English Education, English Tutoring and Online English Tutoring via Skype.


All the materials and tests provided during the process are free of charge, and some necessary translations of the institution are provided free of charge.


You can view our references for our In-house Trainings and apply for our In-house English Training and Course requests.

Doğuş Aydın
Thursday, November 28, 2019