Private Language Tutoring Course Program for ESL/EFL Teachers


I would like to introduce to you our course programs for teachers to develop themselves. 


To introduce myself as a creditable course provider, I hold my Ph.D. in the field of ELT and I was educated by Kanda University in Japan for a year as a language adviser and I have been teaching assistant in language adviser educator programs for teachers worldwide.


Another qualification of mine is regarding private language tutoring. I have conducted 30.000 hours+ private English tutoring sessions as well as given webinars and programs in this field to our teachers.


I have also published articles in recognised journals in this field. In addition, I have been instructing on Literature and Language Teaching in ELT for juniors for four semesters at Istanbul Kültür University for junior students.


To start with, the course will be conducted by me.


Date is determined according to the demands and number of enrollments. Whenever a minimum number of attendants enroll, the course program starts.


- ONLINE but if there is a specific demand for on-site training, it might as well be possible.

- Language of the course is ENGLISH and an interview is held before the course starts to see if English level is enough if no degrees can be approved.

- First, Pre-reading or/and pre-recorded video assignments are provided at the beginning and expected to be completed.
- Second, theoretical underpinnings and practical implications are presented respectively.
- Third, roleplays are carried out in the classroom and reflections are shared in the online classroom of that week.

- Fourth, post-reflections are shared on forums.

- Fifth, post-reading and viewing assignments are expected to be completed.

- Sixth, demonstrations of that week in case of a need are recorded.

- At  the end of  the course program, a sample project is conducted and sent in order to be given feedback.



- 54 Hours for 9 weeks

One weekday evening 7-10 pm
Saturday 9-12 am (Istanbul)



- Nature of I-PT (2 Hours)

- Challenges of Tutors (8 Hours)

- How to Become A Good Tutor (26 Hours)

- Marketing & Legal Issues & Finance (18 Hours)


Private Language Tutoring: 200 USD (1800 TL.)

* Payment is CASH or might be in installments in case of a need.



Early booking by 1 August 2021: 40%
Early booking by 1 September 2021: 30%

Early booking by 1 October 2021: 20%
Referral Program for each participant that you will refer to participate in this course program: 5%
Undergraduate students of ELT and ELL programs: 10%

Master students of ELT and ELL programs: 10%

Ph.D students of ELT and ELL programs: 10%
Booking for all three courses of mine: 10%


* All these above can be combined except educational degrees.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Dr. Doğuş Aydın

Doğuş Aydın
Wednesday, July 14, 2021