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People who speak many languages are called polyglot. To explain in more detail, the people who speak two languages are called "bilingual", the people who speak three languages are called "trilingual", the people who speak four languages are called "quadrolingual”, and "polyglot" is used for those who speak five, six or more languages.

But how do the Polyglots achieve this? What makes it possible for polyglots to learn languages much faster than other people?

An Irishman named Benny says the following about the secret of being a polyglot: “If you want to learn a language, start by speaking! Don't worry about making 200 mistakes a day. "

Entering the environments where that language is spoken and just starting to speak. This is the main thing you should do. To start talking by reminding yourself that the language cannot be learned without making mistakes.

If you do not have the opportunity to enter such social environments, there is an even more practical way: websites. You can reach anywhere in the world from where you sit. 

Another polyglot named Lucas from Brazil also has a different method. Lucas learned Russian with this method.

Lucas adds up to a hundred Russian users as random friends on Skype, then starts a chat with one of them and says "Hi" in Russian.

The other person replies, "Hi, how are you?"

Lucas copies this and paste it into the chat he started with someone else. Then that person replies, ‘‘ I'm fine, thanks, how are you? ”

Lucas copies it and pastes it to the first person. That way, Lucas makes two strangers chat with each other, without ever knowing.

Soon Lucas is able to write himself because he repeats this conversation over and over and now realizes how a conversation starts.

Another secret of polyglots is that they learn the 500 most frequently used words of the language they will learn. But why? Because most of the daily conversations are made with 400-600 words.

Of course, each polyglot's method is different, but they have one thing in common: they learn the language in a way they'll always enjoy.

 After meeting polyglots, you will realize that no one is a language genius. They just work systematically, using the right method.In essence, they use the way children learn their mother tongue naturally.

* They don't mind grammar too much,

* They are not afraid to make mistakes,

* First, they learn and speak the most used words in daily conversation and sentences created with these word combinations,

* They become good listeners and imitators,

* They also find fun in this learning process, like a game.

Doğuş Aydın
Thursday, November 12, 2020