Private English Lesson for TOEFL




Toefl, the Test of English as a Foreign Language, is organized by the American evaluation and testing company ETS worldwide. In the exam, your success in four main abilities is evaluated. 


Reading: 30 points

Listening: 30 points 

Writing: 30 points 

Speaking: 30 points


The exam consists of 120 points in total.


Many universities and institutions around the world accept the TOEFL exam, which is academically satisfying and sufficient, as a valid and important criterion in school or recruitment.Generally, according to the needs and demands of the school or institution, the score between 60-120 is considered successful.



Private Tutoring for Toefl is a part of Doğuş Aydın's own teaching approach, which is formed by the synthesis of scientific and observational data.In this context, in private tutoring for Toefl, students are first tested in terms of intelligence type, anxiety, linguistic ability and motivation, which determine their psychological and neurological aspects, and their individual differences are determined. 


According to the results of the tests, a special curriculum and a Strategic Plan are prepared for each student, and how much the student can study in how many hours and for how long are determined. This strategic plan is shared with the student and asked whether it is suitable or not. Then, the training starts. Doğuş Aydın, who has failed in only 1 student out of 78 students in his exam training so far does not work with students for whom it’s impossible to achieve and he makes no promises to them.


Private Tutoring for TOEFL content consists of five main bases.

-Describing the strategies and techniques required for the toefl exam -Continuous and wide variety of question solving for the toefl exam 

-Continuous feedback on questions, mistakes, writing or speaking texts in these exams

-Recording all unknown words while the process continues, and asking and repeating Doğuş Aydın's own system of "Daily Wording" at certain intervals. It is aimed to turn words into acquired knowledge that can be understood not only in listening and reading but also in speaking and writing, and all studies are built on this.

-Using Language Counseling (Language Coaching) strategies throughout the process and creating activities that will contribute to the creation of the classroom atmosphere and internalize education, such as creating internal motivation, providing and planning the work discipline


During the exam process, all materials are given by the teacher and supported by online materials. Toefl preparation resources such as Kaplan, Longman and Barron's are used in the training process.

Since the education process will consist of only strategy work and a certain amount of feedback for students whose English level is ready to get the target score, it is planned to be approximately 24 hours.


However, for students who are not sufficient to get the desired score, this time varies according to the student's linguistic intelligence, study pace and the gap between the student and the goal.

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Doğuş Aydın
Sunday, December 1, 2019