TOEFL Speaking Topics and Suggestions


I will be sharing detailed information and recommendations about the speaking part of TOEFL., 

First of all, in the speaking section you have 20 minutes and you are expected to complete 6 different tasks during this time. 6 Different tasks involve answering 6 questions.But in this section, you read texts, listen to pieces and prepare to speak.This means that your actual speaking time in the TOEFL speaking exam is around 6-7 minutes.

In this case;

* You should move forward knowing that you have limited time.

* You are given a period of 15-20 seconds before each question. If you try to write full sentences about what you are going to say during this time, you probably won't be able to get enough time; Instead, it will be more helpful for you to write down keywords.

* In this part, since you will be speaking to the computer, it may be harder than normal speaking practice. In order to familiarize yourself with this process, you can practice by talking to the computer and recording your voice before the exam. Don’t forget the fact that practice makes it perfect.

* Keeping calm will help you gather your mind and make it easier to focus.

We talked about the importance of practicing. Now I will share some examples of topics you are expected to talk about in the TOEFL Speaking section. You can include these issues in your work and have an efficient preparation process.

Here are the example topics:

1.   If you had a small amount of money, would you spend it right away or save it?

2.   If you have money, would you prefer to buy a house or a business?

3.   Talk about a teacher who had a positive influence on you. Describe this person and explain why he/she was so influential to you.

4.   Which of the following do you think is the best way to get to know a new school, joining a one-day campus tour, spending a weekend on the campus play field or auditing lectures?

5.   Do you agree or disagree that a celebrity should set a good example for young people?

6.   Do you prefer to have a long vacation each year or have several short vacations throughout the year?

7.   Do you prefer to learn about the news in a newspaper or on television?

8.   Do you prefer to learn on your own or learn with a teacher?

9.   Do you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a more modern apartment?

10.  Do you prefer to live in places that have the same weather or live in areas where the weather changes several times a year?

11.  Do you prefer traveling alone or traveling with a companion?

12.  Do you think bicycles will still be widely used in the future or replaced by other means of transportation?

13.  List one recommendation for the school you have recently attended.

14.  Name a person whom you truly admire. Describe the person and say why you admire him/her.

15.  Name a place in your country you would recommend others to visit. Describe this place and explain why you would recommend it.

16.  What is your favorite kind of food? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite.

17.  When going on a trip, do you prefer to drive or take a train?

18.  When going to a restaurant, do you prefer to meet your friends at home or at the restaurant?

19.  When people move to another country, some prefer to follow the customs of their new country, while others prefer to keep their own customs. Which one do you prefer?

20.  Where do you most like to go eat out? Describe this place and say why you like it most.

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