TOEFL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language, is an internet-based exam service by ETS, a non-profit American Education Organization, that helps people around the world to rate their English level.The TOEFL IBT exam, which has been applied since 2006, has turned it into an online exam. TOEFL PBT, on the other hand, refers to the exam held on paper only during certain periods of the year. TOEFL is a test to measure American English. The TOEFL Test helps to understand and measure your academic level of English at the university level. More than 9,000 agencies, schools and universities in 130 countries accept this exam.

The exam fee is $ 185. You take the exams through internet-based computers built in test centers.The TOEFL Test includes 4 main English practice areas: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Vocabulary and Grammar information is of course included in this exam, but it is not asked separately in the form of questions. The exam is evaluated between 0-120 points. Students who get an average of 70-85 points from the exam can be selected to a university abroad or they can go to the department without the need to take the Proficiency exams of domestic universities and do not require preparatory studies. In addition, many institutions today may want to see exam results such as TOEFL and IELTS in the recruitment of people. We can briefly summarize the content of the exam with the table below:

Reading Comprehension
* 60-80 minutes
* 36-56 questions
* Tasks: Reading 3 or 4 chapters of academic texts and answering related questions

* 60-90 minutes
* 34-51 questions
* Tasks: Listening and answering questions to university lectures, class discussions, and conversational dialogues

EXAM BREAK for 10 minutes

* 20 minutes
* 6 tasks: Expressing an opinion on a familiar topic, speaking on a reading passage or a listening text

* 50 minutes
* 2 tasks: Writing a response text on the reading text and the listening text and writing a text supporting an idea in the second text

Each section is scored between 0-30 points. The score of the student out of 120 is determined by adding the scores from each section. While 0-14 means inadequacy or limited level of English in general, between 14-21 means intermediate level of English and above means serious English knowledge.

Since TOEFL is a practice-based exam, we cannot reach a conclusion just by studying Grammar and Vocabulary. In particular, we must integrate the grammatical structures and words we will learn or have already learned into listening, reading, writing and speaking. Already, the exam supports this integration system and reveals the opposite of the tragicomic language education in our country. The TOEFL test unfortunately shows how wrong many of our teachers teach language. English education approach that is currently applied in Turkey is Grammar-Translation Method. TOEFL became aware of this error in 2006 and developed the TOEFL IBT exam system that would actually measure English knowledge, but we still do not have a change. While preparing for the exam, we should read and listen to texts that will enable us to apply the structures and words we have learned, and we should write articles that will use those structures and try to speak with those structures or words. However, the difficult point of the TOEFL test is that it will be really difficult without help. If you are still thinking about self-study, I suggest you get TOEFL books from publishers like Longman and Kaplan.

So, how will TOEFL Tutoring contribute to you?  Namely, according to my understanding of private lessons, education is acceptable according to the intelligence type and psychological conditions of the people. This provides a serious advantage when preparing for the TOEFL exam. Before starting the training, we have reached the conclusion of your difficulties. In addition, regardless of your level, it is possible to find a score of 85-90 from the TOEFL exam, but of course, it will take a serious time to reach that level if you are a beginner. If you are at a level where you can get enough score from TOEFL, it will be enough to pass a short technical training for the TOEFL exam and gain a perspective on question types to get enough score from that exam. Indeed, if you are at the Upper-Intermediate level in terms of all skills, namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, it will be very comfortable to get around 70-85 points with a 40-50 hours private lesson. However, if you are at lower levels such as Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate, you will need to take an average of 100 hours of TOEFL Tutoring for each of the 3 levels. The shortening or lengthening of the hours of these lessons will change depending on your study pace. I would like to state my claim: 'I CAN TEACH EVERYONE ENGLISH, I CAN MAKE ANYONE PASS EXAMS SUCH AS TOEFL,IELTS ETC. BUT I CAN'T MAKE EVERYONE REACH THE DESTINATION IN THE SAME TIME’  

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Saturday, November 30, 2019